Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas To All

John, Kaylee, Abbie, Kt, Skyler and myself went to the Gaylord Palms to the ICE exhibit last week. What a fun experience that was!

The girls and Sky had a blast. But let me tell you it was COLD! After the adjustment to the blue parkers and us getting over the initial laughs we all enjoyed the beautiful carvings and all the ICE. And yes it was 9 degrees in there . BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

We all had fun going down the the ice slides. Well that is all of us except ME. Do you really think I would try that???


The three stooges.

Update as of Friday evening: Rodney got back from his hunting trip, with the antlers in his suitcase. Jessica is in NYC. She gets back on Saturday night. Said it is beautiful but freezing. Jimmy and Sam, are well. Still busy being newly weds!

Merry Christmas to All . And everyone be safe. We Love You.

Monday, November 27, 2006

November has come and is almost GONE!

My goodness can you believe it is in the end of November already?! My how time seems to fly by us these days.

Our Thanksgiving was GREAT! Jessica and Rodney hosted the 2nd annual Mcdonald/Tutor Thanksgiving at their house. And we all had such a wonderful time. Thank you Jess and Rodney!

We all enjoyed the beautiful weather and of course all the great food provided by everyone.

Jimmy and Samantha were able to enjoy our time together and then take off in their yellow submarine/vw and make it in time to enjoy her Mother's dinner too! Sam's parents have moved back to Florida. Welcome back home Denise and Dennis!

You know I hate taking pictures, but John did sneak this one in. Where are my sunglasses? Oh yeah on my head!

Can you believe how big Abbie and Kaylee are getting? I will tell you there is never a dull moment with this group~Aren't they adorable. Yes you too Courtney!

Katie and Skyler are having a serious moment....Did I ever tell anyone that Skyler is a mini KT? He is 110% all boy! But still a joy!

John is getting some extra kisses from his two favorite girls in the world. Oh how cute!

I don't know if I mentioned that the kids were not real cooperative with the pictures on Thursday. It was very trying and i was definately ready for a nap after this adventure! Sky decided to pull his Mothers hair out here.

And yes, the famous Thanksgiving Family picture. I must have heard ten times, do we have to do this? And I must have said twenty time YES! Rodney and Jessica and Gracie in their front yard. But you can't see all the new landscaping they had done last week, because it is behind me taking the pictures. It is beautiful. Palm trees and all. Their house definately looks like a Florida Cracker House now! Nice job Rodney! You have a great nack for designing.

My Girls.......

And one last shot...The SO helicoptor landed in the back yard for a quick stop and to give the girls and Sky a super flyer badge. The kids and the adults all got a grin out of watching the landing and take off.

That was exciting guys!

From our family to yours I hope your holiday was wonderful. And we are blessed to be able to share the fun and love with our family.

More to come in the near future.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Skyler James Tutor

Well I intended on writing about John and Courtney or Jess and Rodney, but I was told by Jess that I better post something on Skyler next. Hmmmmmm.

Skyler started school on the 14th. Well he started at the County Child Center. He has been on the waiting list for 10 months so you can just imagine how thrilled we were when they call and said he's in. Right Kt? Well Monday morning came and with hesitation we both took him to school. How cute was he. He waved bye to us. I turned around and Kt was a wreck. I think she took it harder than he did. I think he liked it. The teachers said he loves it outside, he enjoyed dancing, and he had a great time at arts and crafts, melting green sherbert and eating it! After hourly checks, and a few tears here and there, Kt couldn't wait any longer. She picked him up at 2pm. Sky has been home sick the rest of this week. They told us the first two weeks he would probably get sick, NOT the first day!!!!! Sky's bubble has been popped!!! So ok, we will try school again on Monday morning. We are excited!!

Skyler is just a funny little guy. He thinks he owns the waterhose at the house. he has learned to bend the hose and then let the water explode out at you. ( haha cute sky-very funny-he always get me in my work clothes.) Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Sam brought over a cool swing for the tree and a big pool last week for him. He loves to play outside with Kaylee and Abbie. They are all so close. Skyler and Kaylee have a very strong resemblence. Can you tell? And he loves his Uncle John and Uncle immy (yes he calls him immy) But he is also loved by his Auntie Courtney, Aunt Sam and of course Aunt Jessie.

Yeah Skyler is right there on the top of the list as my favorite grandson. And just to get the record straight, Abbie is my favorite oldest granddaughter and Kaylee Madison is my favorite baby granddaughter. Now are we all clear here?!!

Mommy has done a pretty good job with Sky. Sky has done a pretty good job of wearing Mommy out! We are so blessed to have this little boy in all of our lives. We love you Skyler!

Mother's Bday

I have been thinking alot about Mother's Bday coming up. Calm down we still have a few weeks. I can't believe how much I miss her. It is usually around this time that everyone is calling wanting to know what the plans are? Calling Maree asking what does Mother need? Me trying frantically to figure out how and when I can get up to Georgia. And for the last two years us sitting here wondering what the heck the weather is going to be up to, the first of September.

I have to admit, that i still have not unpacked or packed up a lot of the things that I brought back from Mothers. The irises are still living, altho they have never bloomed. The ivy is thriving. It has been such a chore to work with some of the other things tho. I know I am just procrastanating doing it. I have bought rubber maids and I have packed up a few things - materials, photos, and a LOT of dollies. But it's almost daily I find something somewhere in the house that grabs my attention and I have to sit and think about where it was at Mother's house or when Mama made it. I swoop it up and put it in the container and this is usually when I just sit down and have a laugh or a cry just remembering.......

I hung the graduation pictures in my hallway. Did anyone else keep theirs ? Guess I was the only one that had to have four of them. They looked so much better hung in Mom's living room with ALL of the Grandkids together in their graduating attire. I honestly don't know if I ever told Maree how beautiful they looked and what a good job she did buying all of those frames that were identical and framing all of those pictures. Grandmother was sure proud of all those GRANDKIDS ! I sometimes just stop and stare. There isn't a day that goes by that someone or something in my house brings her back alive. I have that picture of her standing by Jimmy Henson's motorcyle on my refrigerator. It's just a bad copy of the picture printed on regular paper off the computer. But it is so cute! Sky has learned to brrroom brroom brrrrrrooommm by that picture . She would have loved his funny little personality so much. I wish she would have been able to meet him. But aren't we thankful that she did get to meet and hold and love Davis Henson. What a moment. I just can't take that picture down off my frig..

Well I know there won't be any phone calls this year. And there won't be the big bday party. Maree doesn't have to organize us this year or make sure the apartment is all tidy. I don't have to worry about the traveling thing. And god bless us all the weather so far this season has not been too bad at all.

I miss Leta Jane. I miss Mrs. Miller. I miss Grandmother. I miss Jane Miller. I miss Miller. I miss our Mother. So much.........

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Kaylee girl is missing her big sister. As I mentioned before Kaylee and Ab have never been seperated....ok may five times in four years! Guess the Tutor families are pretty closed circuit huh. Kaylee has been a trooper helping her Mommy get going in the mornings. But I know she is very lonely during the day while her sister is at school.

I think Mommy and Daddy are going to let Kaylee start the Kiddie Kollege. Boy she is ready too. Today at lunch she brought three magnets over to Kt. K for Kaylee, A for Abs and S for Sky. She is on the ball.

Kaylee sure keeps us all on the ball. She is one of the sweetest little things that you have ever seen. Those little eyes can stare you down. Something funny that we have to laugh at tho, when Kaylee has enough of Sky she has this little look that says enough! and she puts her fists up. Yeah she is a sweety but at three years old she knows how to stand her ground!

You go girl!


Well the weekend prior to Abbie started school, Abs and Kaylee stayed at my house. Somehow during the evening Kt and Abs decided to have an "all girls slumber party" and oh boy did we ever. Unfortunately, Sky and Kaylee passed out-it was 9pm, so it was Gram, Kt and Ab at the party. We ate candy, chips, juice, put on makeup, did our/their hair in Zulu Knots and danced the night away. We even had a pillow fight. And i can't forget, that we printed out Jack Sparrow pictures out too. Boy did we ever have a BLAST! We were all so tired by 10:30, Abbie had no problem at all falling asleep. This picture shows how beautiful Abbie looked at our party. YooHoo we had fun.

Abbie began school with some excitement. This was a very busy day for her whole family. I got to meet them at the school too. It's cute. She is now in her 2nd week. I think Abs misses her Mommy and Daddy and Kaylee.

Abbie just missed the cut off for kindergarten this year, so we are all hoping she will adjust to her new pre-k class well.

Abbie's best friend is Kaylee of course! This is the first time she and her sister have ever been seperated for any amount of time. She has two pet hairless rats and loves to play with their family pet farret. She also helps take care of Kaylee's bearded dragon. Abbie's pet dragon decided to live a short life and went to heaven early. Her favorite current heart throb is the famous Jack Sparrow. Yeah she loves Jack !
It blows my mind that our little Abbie would be close to starting school. When i walked in that class room and saw those little readers, it just brought back so many memories of the days that her Daddy went to preschool. I thought all those days were the most rushed time, getting the group together, making sure that he got to school on time, then came the soccer practices, more school and then the dredded days of of HS. Hopefully, Abs has not inherited her days sleeping habits and will love to get up early and go to school. As you can all tell, once you get past those long legs, Abbie is a Courtney-Minnie-Mee. Good luck Abbie and I will have to keep everyone posted on her progress.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We have been so busy the last couple of weeks. Jessica and I took an eleven day vacation. Went back to work to a ton of work-both of us! Abbie started pre-k. Kaylee really misses her big sister. We all started getting excited about Samantha and Jimmy's wedding reception approaching. John and Courtney both got job promotions. Jessica made her final decision on her wedding dress. Had a great time getting pedicures. Rodney has been busy doing more magic on "The House". WE ALL got to share the celebration of Jimmy and Sam's marriage. Kt started her job search. And to top it off, Skyler James started big boy school. Whew ! What a whirlwind of a last few weeks.

I will try to include pictures for each occasion. Because each one of the above mentioned were full of excitement and are moments we will all treasure in our hearts for ever.

I am kinda liking this blogging thing......


Well this is the beginning of our family blogging. I hope we will be able to keep each other updated, and that our extended family will be able to view our family lives with all the laughs and love that we all share daily. Ok here we go!